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National Volunteer Week: Monica Simpson

Each day during National Volunteer Week, we will share a story about one of our dedicated volunteers. We are so grateful for the commitment and passion of all volunteers in our great city. Thank you for everything you do!

Today we are profiling Monica Simpson, who has been an All In for Youth volunteer for one year.

How did you decide to get involved with All In For Youth?

I am semi-retired and was looking at various organizations in which I could volunteer. I was seeking project work 2 – 3 days a week that I could do pro bono. I spoke with several organizations, one of which was United Way.   The United Way had several projects available to work on. The one I selected was in the All In For Youth Group.

Why do you volunteer with All In For Youth?

I volunteer with All In For Youth because I believe it is very important to provide vulnerable youth with the support they need to complete high school. After having read several articles and reports about this program, I knew it was one I wanted to work with.

How has All In For Youth benefitted you?

All In For Youth has given me a much better understanding about the issues that vulnerable youth deal with. I believe the volunteering I do makes a difference to these youths and the community as a whole.

Why did you get involved with United Way?

I have been fortunate in having had a successful career as a business analyst. I wanted to volunteer with an organization I admire and one in which I could use my business skills and experience. United Way fit those criteria very nicely.

Why is volunteering so important?

I believe it is important to give back to our community when we can because there are so many people in our community that need our help. Everyone wins when we work together.

What impact has volunteering had on you?

It has made me much more aware of the barriers vulnerable youth must overcome to be successful.

Can you describe a specific experience you’ve had that was particularly impactful?

For one of the projects I was helping to evaluate, I was summarizing interviews with several vulnerable youths. They were describing the barriers and obstacles they lived with as children. It was heart breaking, yet each one of the youth expressed their gratitude for the guidance, coaching and assistance they received from the All In For Youth Program. They were in a better place having had the support of this program.

What advice would you give someone who is considering volunteering?

Become a volunteer. Whether your contribution is small or large, there is always a need for your efforts. Connect with an organization that you believe in.

Learn more about All In for Youth and how you can get involved here: