National Volunteer Week: Glynis Carling

Each day during National Volunteer Week, we will share a story about one of our dedicated volunteers. We are so grateful for the commitment and passion of all volunteers in our great city. Thank you for everything you do!

Today we are profiling Glynis Carling, who is involved with Strategic Planning Support and the Portfolio Advisory Committee

How did you decide to get involved with Strategic Planning Support and the Portfolio Advisory Committee? 

I retired in September 2016 and was looking for a way to give back to Calgary. My husband and I have been United Way supporters for many years, so it seemed to make sense to find out how I could become more actively involved.

Why do you volunteer with this program?

I wanted to apply some of the skills I had gained during my working career in different ways, and these volunteer roles allowed me the opportunity to do that.

What is your favourite part about Strategic Planning Support and the Portfolio Advisory Committee?

I enjoy meeting people who are all in different roles and circumstances, but who are all energized by the prospect of making Calgary a better place for all Calgarians.

Why did you get involved with United Way?

I believe in the United Way’s priorities and its approach to investment in our community.

Why is volunteering so important?

I see volunteering as a way of connecting with others. As a community, we can achieve much more than we do as individuals.

What impact has volunteering had on you?

Most of my volunteer experience until now has been school-based. It has allowed me to model family values around empathy and connectedness, which are important to me.  It has also given me a chance to meet others and grow as an individual.

Can you describe a specific experience you’ve had that was particularly impactful? 

Like many other Calgarians, I found my involvement in the 2013 flood clean-up memorable. I was only available to help out for one day, but it was wonderful to work with people who were focussed on a common goal.

In sort of a similar vein, I was participating in a Days of Caring event on 9/11. The fact that I was helping others somehow helped me cope a bit better on that awful day.

What advice would you give someone who is considering volunteering?

Go for it! There are so many ways to help, and you’re bound to find something that you enjoy doing that adds value to others and fits within the time you have available.

What have you learned from volunteering?

I like to think that I’ve improved my communication and organizational skills by volunteering. Less tangibly, I think that volunteering has helped nurture my optimism and my belief in the power of community.