Joel Moore

Joel’s Gift

Throughout the year, we are continuously reminded how truly caring the people of our city are. Earlier this year, we received a special gift from a young do-gooder in Calgary.

Joel Moore decided that he wanted to celebrate his birthday by giving back to his community. Instead of gifts, he asked for donations, which he then passed on to United Way of Calgary and Area.

After chatting with Joel, it became very obvious that Calgary’s generous spirit is alive and well in the next generation:

UWCA: Why did you decide on donations instead of gifts?

Joel: I’ve been lucky in my life and have the things that I need. I want everyone in Calgary to have what they need too. I don’t need more toys or other stuff. I want other kids and people to be happy.

UWCA: Why United Way?

Joel: The United Way helps lots of people in Calgary. They help kids and families and that’s important. We should all work together and help each other and share what we have.

UWCA: What do you love about Calgary?

Joel: I love Calgary because it’s my home. There are lots of fun things to do here. Go Flames Go!

Joel continues a legacy of generosity in his family. His mom, Shelagh, began donating to United Way when she was in junior high! Joel and his mom are a perfect reminder that no matter what age we are, we are all Calgary.