Notes from UEP, Issue 2

picture of barn in Inglewood
Photo: Heather Nichol

UEP has been rolling along for more than two months now and the quality of photos this group has taken is remarkable. What’s even more remarkable are the bonds that are forming between the participants. This once a week commitment has turned into group photography outings several times a week and a plan to volunteer together for Hull and Aspen, two organizations the group toured.  One Sunday found UEP touring Bowness with some young would-be photographers. Headstands and skipping stones ensued.

There have been incredible speakers, some highlights include:

  • Pam Krauss from the Calgary Sexual Health Centre showcasing their amazing program WiseGuyz which teaches junior high boys about sexual health, positive relationships, and masculinity in modern society.
  • Amy Alexander from United Way about domestic violence
  • Karen Gallagher-Burt’s presentation was about kids achieving developmental milestones, she took the group through the Brain Architecture Game, a game on early cognitive development.

The photographers are getting ready to create their final projects and showcase them at a Gala event at the end of May. Watch for a wrap-post after the event!