How you can build a great city for all…Now and in the Future

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May was Leave A Legacy month and we had a fantastic time sharing the Tomorrow Fund as another way to build a great city for all, now and in the future!

“I have contributed to the United Way for the last 45 years and I have a strong desire to support United Way forever.” John, United Way Promise Donor

John is a long time and dedicated supporter who has designated United Way as the beneficiary of one of his life insurance policies.  He is also part of our growing Promise Donor Program through his promise of a gift to United Way in his Will. These types of gifts are a way for Calgarians to create a meaningful legacy and a continuous difference in the community.

Planning charitable contributions as part of an estate plan offers many tax benefits that help offset estate taxes for families. For Steve, another United Way Promise Donor, giving in this way is important because it “will reallocate some of [his] tax dollars and extra dollars to worthy causes.”

Besides this, gifts received through estate planning vehicles such as life insurance or Wills, are invested in our Tomorrow Fund, our long-term investment fund for Calgary. The Tomorrow Fund provides donors an opportunity to think about philanthropy over the long-term; how they can close a lifetime of giving with a one-time transformational gift. There are many ways for donors to structure their gifts to the Tomorrow Fund including endowed and non-endowed legacy gifts.

“Many of us have been blessed in our home and work life here in Calgary, this is a really meaningful way to give back. I can’t think of a better organization that will be working to proactively strengthen our community for years to come.” Nancy, United Way Promise Donor

At United Way, these gifts become, literally, the gift that keeps on giving. Annual returns are invested in the community creating impact in Calgary today and in the future by focusing its investments on family well-being, kids and seniors.

With responsible fiscal management, returns on our endowed and non-endowed investing have been outstanding. This year, the Tomorrow Fund will invest $860,000 back into Calgary to make a measurable difference in the lives of vulnerable Calgarians.

For John, giving back is something he believes deeply in, and he chose United Way because we invest strategically to make Calgary great for all. He chooses the Tomorrow Fund to make sure we’re able to continue working long into the future.

My family and I give back because we are fortunate to have the means to help others and by helping others we help our community and create a better place for our children. And we always get more back than what we give.

Giving back is part of my DNA and how I was raised by my parents who always gave back to their community and their country with the limited means that they had. Both of my parents served their country in the armed forces during WWII and we knew as children and young adults that caring for each other was a responsibility and a value that was part of who we were.

My first exposure to the United Way was through my first “real job,” where my workplace was involved in United Way’s Workplace Giving Campaign. I bought into the United Way’s value proposition of being the “investment manager” of donor dollars and deploying the donor dollars into the community’s highest priority areas, whether it’s  for initial pain points, like providing food for the homeless or investing in kids to stay in school and complete their high school education.

Participating in the Tomorrow Fund will extend my history of supporting the United Way. It is the “gift that keeps on giving” in perpetuity, something I am very proud to be part of.

For more information on the Tomorrow Fund, contact Jenny Mcleod and learn how you can leave a legacy for your city.