Poverty in Calgary

Poverty in Calgary – Can you make the month?

Can you make the month in Calgary? 1 in 10 Calgarians struggle to do just that. And poverty has far reaching consequences for Calgary.

Experience the challenges of living on a limited budget with the newly launched makethemonth.ca. Make the Month was developed in partnership with Imperial to illustrate the challenges of poverty.

Poverty in Calgary Infographic; 1 in 10 Calgarians live in poverty; 10% of Calgary's children live in poverty; Poverty causes hunger, stress, isolation; 1 in 5 Calgarians worry about money for food; 1 in 3 Calgarians worry about food for housing; 1 in 2 Calgarians worry about not saving for the future; When focused on basic needs, Calgarians can't search for a new job, attend courses or access community resources; United Way supports Calgarians to meet their basic needs, achieve financial stability and access employment opportunities


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