Do Good Ambassador in the spotlight – Gilmore Junio

Meet Gilmore Junio, one of United Way's 2014 "Do Good" ambassadors.
Meet Gilmore Junio, one of United Way’s 2014 “Do Good” ambassadors.

“I love this city,” Gilmore Junio starts. “Coming home from the road when I fly over the city, I feel anxious to get back. There’s such a positive energy here; it’s different from anywhere else.”

Gilmore made international headlines at the 2014 Sochi Olympics when he gave his spot in the 1000m speed skating race to teammate Denny Morrison. Morrison went on to win silver in the 1000m and Gilmore won the hearts of Canadians.

Born and raised in Calgary, Gilmore has spent his skating career overcoming adversity. At 13, he decided to leave hockey and started speed skating. Then in 2009, just before the Short Track Junior World Championship, Gilmore fractured two vertebrae. Rather than stop, Gilmore switched to long track and two months later represented Canada in his first international competition.

Now, Gilmore continues to train, work on his degree and inspire Canadians to support one another.

“The biggest way to support one another is by giving the best of what you have to offer to each other,” Gilmore says. “Make sure you share what you are good at with others.”

For Gilmore, this includes becoming a strong community ambassador, speaking in schools about staying active and encouraging kids to do what they’re passionate about.

“When you see people do amazing things, you are inspired and strive to do amazing things in your own life.”

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