10 tips for surviving and thriving at Stampede!

karen lucy stampede bannerTwo dynamic Calgary leaders, United Way CEO Lucy Miller and Karen Young, have joined forces just in time for Stampede! Young is United Way’s new Chief Operating Officer, moving from three decades of leadership at The City of Calgary where she was Director of Community & Neighbourhood Services. Young and Miller are teaming up to drive social change in the areas of poverty, kids and communities – but they also have some tips for enjoying The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth!

Lucy’s Top 5 Stampede Tips:

  1. Enjoy the chaos! It’s like Christmas shopping, it only happens once a year!  The crowds are part of the whole spirit and culture of Stampede. Don’t be stressed by it, embrace it!
  1. Line-ups. Use them as an opportunity to talk to the people around you. Remember many people are experiencing our city for the first time through Stampede, so we all have a responsibility to make sure people experience Calgary as a friendly, positive place.
  1. Challenge yourself to take someone new to Stampede and enjoy it fresh through their eyes! First choices for me are seniors who may have been there before but can no longer go unless someone takes them, or a family who can’t afford to go unless someone takes them.
  1. Wear comfortable shoes/boots. And don’t believe the people in the stores who say buy your boots tight because they will stretch! Buy them big and then wear socks.
  1. Replace your purse. Use a small knapsack purse or light knapsack big enough to carry money, bug spray, lip protector, sunscreen and water.

Karen’s Top 5 Stampede Tips:

  1. Download the new Stampede-on-the- go app. It even lets you set up reminders on your phone for specific events you want to attend.
  1. There’s a free Stampede breakfast every day at Olympic Plaza. Can’t get enough of those pancakes! There are also breakfasts at tons of communities across the city. Stop by and enjoy some great food with your neighbours.
  1. Try some of the wacky food options. There are so many options to choose from nowadays, from scorpion pizza to deep-fried everything, but don’t forget to bring a spare plastic bag in case it doesn’t go down so good! 
  1. Bring an umbrella! In Calgary, you need to pack an umbrella, a jacket, and maybe even a change of clothes if you plan on Stampeding all day. You never know what the weather will bring.
  1. Don’t forget you represent our city.  It’s The Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth, and there are people here from around the world. Take some time to enjoy the fun, but remember you are an ambassador for our city. So make sure everyone around you is having fun too! Yahoo!