Intergenerational Day - Bridge the Gap!

Have you ever seen a 94 year old woman bowl?

Intergenerational Day - Bridge the Gap!

June 1 is Intergenerational Day, which recognizes and celebrates the different generations and the value they bring to each other and our community at large. And it’s these connections between generations that made it possible for a 94 year old lady, with a walker and hair whiter than snow, to line up, take aim and bowl a strike at a LINKages Society event in the East Village.

Honestly, who would know the tips and tricks of Wii bowling better than an engineering student from the University of Calgary?

We all know the benefit of having connections and support. They’re crucial to feeling you belong, are valued, needed and appreciated. Which in turn is amazing for your overall well-being.

Connections between generations have the added plus of sharing wisdom and experience that a single generation may be missing. As much as using technology is the same as breathing for the latest generation, someone who lived through WWII may find learning to use tech a huge mountain to climb.

It’s easier to learn from someone who already knows. And this holds true just as much for someone learning to bowl with a Wii as someone deciding which career path to take.

Intergenerational Day Events

On June 1st, celebrate the intergenerational connections that make a difference to you and help to #BridgeTheGap between all ages and stages. There are so many ways to get involved.

LINKages is partnering with various community organizations around the city to host events at the Genesis Centre in the NE from 11-3 and in the East Village from 1-4pm. Both events feature food, games and entertainment. If you’re participating in the Calgary Marathon that day, stop by The Golden Age Club on 8th Ave on your way home!

If you can’t attend an event, arrange a get together with someone outside your generation or take a few minutes to call and ask how they’re doing. Show you care by offering your seat on the bus or the train. Check out this video from last year to get inspired!

Sasha HullSasha Hull is the Community Development Coordinator for LINKages and a recovering serial student. LINKages Society has been working for 20 years to bridge the gap between all ages and stages, bringing together youth and seniors to build strong, age-friendly and resilient Alberta communities.