May 5-11, CMHA's 63rd Annual Mental Health Week

Are you fine or phine?

May 5-11, CMHA's 63rd Annual Mental Health Week

This week marks the 63rd annual Mental Health Week, raising awareness about mental health issues across the country. Approximately 7 million Canadians live with mental illness – that’s 20% of the population!

For this year’s Mental Health Week, the Canadian Mental Health Association (CMHA) launched their ‘Be Mind Full’ initiative, asking Canadians to share how they’re really feeling: fine or phine?

Phine is defined as saying you’re fine when you aren’t. The goal of CMHA’s campaign is to start conversations with Canadians about their mental health, encourage us to talk about how we’re really feeling and be honest.

How do you really feel? Fine or phine?

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