How to turn boys into WiseGuyz

How to turn boys into WiseGuyz


On Friday, I had the privilege of attending the Calgary Sexual Health Centre‘s WiseGuyz report to community.

WiseGuyz is a program focusing on education, open conversations, masculinity and health of junior high boys. The report to community highlighted the success of the program to date, the amazing 6.92: 1 social return the program has had and their goals looking to the future.  After looking online for more information, I discovered this amazing infographic on their website, so I wanted to share it.

How important do you think sexual education and conversations are with youth? Why should these conversations be different for girls and boys? Leave a comment to share your thoughts.

WiseGuyz reports back on the year in infographic format

Samantha Brown is a Communications Advisor at United Way of Calgary and Area. 

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  1. I’m curious where the statistic that domestic assault and sexual assault rates were rising came from. All the statistics I have seen have said they are in steep decline.

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