Bold, photo by Urban Exposure Project participant Brian Mitchell

Capturing ‘contagious passion’

Bold, photo by Urban Exposure Project participant Brian Mitchell
I took this picture during a walking tour in downtown Calgary. I absolutely loved seeing such a bold and colorful sign in the midst of out downtown core. I knew there had to be a back story and I learned that Centre St S between 10th and 18th Ave SW has been designated as, “Centre St S. Salutes the Volunteer Way,” since 2001. Individuals have the power to do amazing things to better their city via volunteering. The strength, passion and boldness of citizens coming together for a common good has the power to do incredible things. I believe that as individuals are bold and reach out to help, it impacts the city as a whole.

I want to be a world changer. I believe everyone wants to be a world changer in their own unique and beautiful way. For some, they want to change the world with words that inspire hope and confidence. Others want to change the world for the better with their actions, promoting love, peace, joy and service along the way. For me, I want to be a world changer with my photography.

My 2013 Urban Exposure Project experience started in January when a friend sent me a message on Facebook with a link to the project. I have always been passionate about social issues and getting involved in making a difference. I was intrigued and excited about the chance to combine my love of photography with a passion for social issues and a desire to learn more about what is happening in my own city.

Our first official meeting for Urban Exposure Project 2013 was a meet and greet social in late February. I had the sheer privilege and joy of meeting and journeying through the project with some amazing fellow participants, coordinators, mentors and professional photographers. One of the biggest things I have learned through this is the power of contagious passion. I saw such a joy and passion in everyone involved in Urban Exposure Project 2013 and it was absolutely amazing and inspiring, to say the least. I can’t thank everyone enough.

Urban Exposure Project participant and Calgarian Brian MitchellBrian Mitchell was a participant in the 2013 Urban Exposure Project. His photo, Bold, shown above was taken on a walking tour during the project.

Applications for the 2014 Urban Exposure Project are being accepted until early next week. You can apply on the BeCause website.