Many people put their hands in a circle, showing their teamwork

Let’s turn a corner – together

I must confess. I love change. I leap and somehow the net appears. I thrive on spontaneity and trying new things. My best pals are dreamers and inventors. There’s a time and place for people like me.

Many people put their hands in a circle, showing their teamwork

This year is different though. I feel like the best we can do for our city is turn a corner. Make the next move on the chessboard, be reasonable with our expectations and trust in the human journey. Us change agents need to be more patient and this is why.

Socially conscious Calgarians are rising, not only in numbers but in voice. There are more of us than ever and even our tried and true capitalists   accept our planet is in peril, many of our systems are cracked and are willing to do something about it.

If we’re not careful, I fear we are going to burn ourselves out trying new approaches, breaking the rules and sparking too many revolutions too quickly. We are so entrepreneurial in this town, we may just end up running each other over in our so called collective effort to make things better. We’ll spin our wheels, travel in opposing directions, run out of gas and perhaps even retreat from our true nature.

My message to self-described change agents – let’s give ourselves a bit of a rest this year, and perhaps for the next couple. Our socially aware team mates, neighbours and friends are coming into their own and they don’t need us pushing their limits. Instead of fighting the fight, let’s unite – grab onto the collective goodwill, the best ideas and march around a corner together. Let’s turn the corner on poverty, high school drop out rates, financial literacy, and more. Proof of progress will keep our spirits lifted and motivation high.

We know what needs to be done. Let’s head on down the road, and where a corner needs to be turned, hand in hand, let’s veer in a new direction that may just mend this broken world.

Innovation Director Janice Iverson poses with her dogJanice Iverson  is Director of Innovation at United Way of Calgary and Area. She works within United Way’s Community Investments and Collaborations team to create innovative solutions to social issues affecting Calgarians.