Ashley Rosales sings at United Way's December 13 bullpen

‘The call that changed my life’

Ashley Rosales sings at United Way's December 13 bullpen

Facing depression and anxiety, Ashley Rosales called the Distress Centre for help. If it hadn’t been for this support, she says her life would be very different.

“It was probably one of the most important calls of my life,” she says.

Years later, Ashley now works as a sponsored Campaign Associate at United Way, supporting workplaces in their campaigns. After starting at United Way, she discovered a tie to her story and the help she received. Now that she knows United Way funds the program that helped her at the Distress Centre, she’s choosing to give back.

“Because they helped me in some way in my life, I thought it only made sense to give back,” she says. “When I needed help, United Way was part of that.”

She says her story helps people see that it’s not always who you would expect that needs help and support.

“It kind of dispelled that way of thinking that only people that live in poverty use the services of United Way. For me, for someone who has the support that I need, why not give back to the community for those that don’t have that support.”

Ashley says giving back to her community is more a question of “Why not?”

Above: Ashley Rosales sings at United Way’s December 13 Bullpen

Why do you choose to give back?