Two girls sit in the hall of their high school

Women united to support Calgary’s girls

Two girls sit in the hall of their high school

Donations of gift cards and transit passes can help support individuals and families meet their basic needs and help them get ahead. At this year’s Women’s Leadership Council (WLC) Luncheon, over $5,000 in transit passes and gift cards was donated by local women.

“We’re extremely grateful for those who have taken the initiative to become leaders in building bright futures for Calgary’s next generation of women,” says Kylie McKendrick, Manager of the WLC at United Way. “This ensures socially and economically vulnerable young women can meet their basic needs and continue to focus on their education.”

“This particular time of year, with its cold weather, is tough for families and girls,” says Lisa Seel-Thomson, Practice Supervisor at Calgary Family Services. “Whether the donations are used to buy warmer clothing or pay for food, they will ensure the young women in our program and their families won’t have to choose one essential over another.”

The donated gift cards were distributed to five local organizations focused on helping girls overcome barriers to success:

  • The Women’s Centre of Calgary
  • Urban Society for Aboriginal Youth
  • Louise Dean Centre
  • Calgary Family Services
  • The Alex

“With the donated gift cards, [we’ll] be able to give young moms an extra helping hand,” says Emily Fraser, Pre/Post Natal Specialist at The Alex. “These moms are vulnerable and low-income and have worked hard to change their lives to be the best moms they can be.”

Thanks to the generosity of the women at this year’s WLC Luncheon, each organization received $1,000 to help young women in Calgary meet their basic needs.

Kersti McDonald is a Campaign Associate loaned to United Way from Nexen. She has spent the past three months working with United Way’s Women’s Leadership Council.