Here’s how the role of dads is changing—for the better!

dadsThis week, one of North America’s leading experts on the role of fathers is coming to Calgary.

Dr. Kyle Pruett argues that fathers are essential caregivers for children, playing an important role that benefits their kids from early childhood onward.

“Society perpetuates this equation in stone that the distant, productive, bring-home-the-bacon father is the only way to really love your children,” he says. “Children wouldn’t buy into that for a minute.”

Furthermore, fathers who are involved with their kids have a broader benefit to society. See more in the clip below:

Want to learn more about the positive role of fathers in a child’s life? Come hear Pruett at Cardel Theatre (180 Quarry Park Blvd S.E.) this Wednesday, October 23. Register here (it’s free)! 

UpStart, a United Way initiative focused on children and youth, is bringing Pruett to Calgary as part of its speaker series.