One way to build a better city—use a camera

“Never doubt that a small group of thoughtful, committed citizens can change the world. Indeed, it’s the only thing that ever has.” —Margaret Mead

My name is Brian Mitchell and I want to be a world changer. I believe that everyone wants to be a world changer in their own unique and beautiful way. For some, they want to change the world with words that inspire hope and confidence. I believe others want to change the world for the better with their actions, promoting love, peace, joy, and service along the way.

I want to be a world changer with my photography.

In January, a friend sent me a message about something called the Urban Exposure Project (UEP), which is run by United Way of Calgary and Area’s BeCause initiative. The UEP “brings together amateur photographers interested in learning about social issues in our city.” I have always been passionate about social issues and getting involved to make a difference. I was really intrigued and excited about the chance to combine my love of photography with a passion for social issues and a desire to learn more about what is happening in my own city.

I have had the sheer privilege and joy of meeting and journeying through this project with some amazing fellow participants, co-ordinators, mentors and professional photographers. One of the biggest things I have learned through this is the power of contagious passion. I have seen such a joy and passion in everyone involved in UEP 2013 and it has been absolutely amazing and inspiring to say the least.

I want to close by giving a word of advice to anyone who is considering getting involved in UEP 2014; just do it! This experience has taught me so much about the amazing things happening in this city, the incredible people behind them, and how I can use my passion to get involved and hopefully be a world changer in even a small way here in Calgary.

Thanks for taking the time to read this! I hope to meet you and chat more on June 7 at our exhibit (details below)!

—Brian Mitchell is a participant in the 2013 Urban Exposure Project. The image above is one of his photographs which will be displayed at the exhibit.

See what the Urban Exposure Project is all about at the 5th annual UEP Exhibit this Friday, June 7! For one night, UEP participants will display images representing “A Great City for Everyone.” It’s at The Metropolitan Conference Centre (333 4th Avenue SW). More details are here.