One of the June dresses participants

Building a better city, one dress at a time

One of the June dresses participants

My very first impression on my very first day at Vista Projects was that, as a woman coming into an engineering company, I was a minority. I didn’t have an engineering background, so I knew I had a lot to learn coming into the company, but the gender imbalance was a bit of a surprise.

I quickly realized there was a small but mighty group of women spread across the company who were keen on connecting with one another. We started by getting together after work in a social setting to get to know each other better. I was eager to learn more about engineering and all the acronyms like PFD, DBM and CWP, and found that I could learn a lot from the women who represented most of the engineering disciplines. Spending time together outside the workplace translated into a solid resource of information within the workplace.

The next thing I realized was how much the company cares for people. Vista’s leadership demonstrates sincere care for the staff and there is a company-wide emphasis placed on compassion and caring. Each year, Vista participates in numerous charity fundraisers. It seemed logical that Vista would also be interested in supporting June Dresses, a campaign that benefits women at risk.

Ailen White is wearing dresses in June to raise money for at-risk women

This is the first year June Dresses is raising money for the United Way to help women at risk. Women participating in June Dresses wear a dress every day for the month of June and raise money for United Way via personal pledge pages.

I am in awe of the support and effort put forth by those at Vista to make this inaugural year a success. It’s a great way for women in an engineering company, which is typically male-dominated, to connect with one another and bond over a common activity and purpose.

Ailen White is a Junior Cost Control Analyst at Vista Projects, and is pictured in the photographs above. Learn more at and “like” the June Dresses Facebook page!