New project will ensure Calgary kids can thrive

In a first for Calgary, United Way of Calgary and Area is starting to track child well-being in Calgary.

“For the first time, we’ll have a comprehensive snapshot of how kids are faring in our city,” said Lucy Miller, United Way’s president and CEO. Lucy was interviewed by CBC Radio yesterday about the project:

Every year, UpStart, a collective impact initiative of United Way, will report on the state of Calgary’s kids with an annual report card. Learn more by reading United Way’s announcement, and these articles in the Calgary Herald, Metro and the Calgary Sun. From the Herald:

What makes the report card not only desirable, but doable, is that the agencies around the table are already collecting the data for their own use.

“It will give us the data all in one place, so we can really examine trends,” Miller said.

Examining how children fare earlier in life can help change some of the negative trends showing up later, said Miller, pointing to the approximately 3,000 students who drop out of high school in Calgary every year.

How do you think a report card like this will be valuable to Calgarians? Let us know in the comments below!