Here’s an urban race that makes a difference

The sun is out, birds are chirping… that can only mean two things. Spring has sprung and Why?Race is just around the corner. This Saturday, May 11, BeCause will host its 3rd annual Why?Race!

What is Why?Race? It is part orienteering, part obstacle course, all fun! Teams of four will race around downtown Calgary completing various challenges aimed at educating participants on social issues in Calgary and demonstrating how United Way and BeCause are taking action to combat those social issues. Why? Race is one of a kind; gathering an energetic group of the 20- to 30-something demographic for a fun day of philanthropy in hopes of empowering Calgary’s future leaders to get more involved in our great city.

Why is Why?Race so awesome you ask? How often do you get to spend a Saturday learning more about the city we live in, checking out the view from the Calgary Tower, giving back while having fun or learning about some of the great services offered by United Way agencies? Did I mention the great prizes? Why?Race is one of BeCause’s most popular events that keeps teams coming back year after year because of the fun atmosphere and the awesome trophy.

I can tell you from experience that there are so many great things about Calgary, including the people that live here. I invite you to come spend a day with our city’s finest on Saturday to learn more about Calgary and how BeCause is taking action to make it a better place for everyone!

Why race? Because Calgary is your city to change. Change starts with Why?Race!

—Lindsay Culbert is Co-Chair of BeCause