Here’s one solution to rape culture

How do we, as a society, prevent tragic situations like the one that led Halifax teenager Rehtaeh Parsons to take her own life?

How do we ensure boys have a healthy, respectful view of sexuality?

Many Canadians are asking these questions this week, and some of the most innovative work in this area is being done right here in Calgary. WiseGuyz, a program run by the Calgary Sexual Health Centre and supported by United Way, is tackling this problem and was recently featured on CTV News. WiseGuyz program coordinator Blake Spence explained what the program is about:

There is a lot of work out there that has been focused on women’s reproductive health. There are lots of programs for young women available. But there aren’t the same number of programs for young men. We wanted to fill that gap, and so the WiseGuyz program is a program for Grade 9 guys — 14- and 15-year-old guys — that teaches them what a healthy relationship is, all about sexual health, consent, what’s considered sexual assault. And how to have a healthy relationship now and in the future.

The entire interview with Spence is here, and is definitely worth watching.

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