Don’t suffer in silence — help for depression

Depression has been in the news a lot lately. Last week, the Calgary Counselling Centre announced that it is expanding its services to contend with the problem.

“Depression is growing,” CEO Dr. Robbie Babins-Wagner told the Calgary Herald. “The real challenge is getting people to come for help.” She added that since 2010, depression has been the most common counseling request at the centre.

Depression can have disastrous results. From Halifax comes this heartbreaking story of Rehtaeh Parsons, a 17-year-old girl who committed suicide earlier this month after being raped and subsequently bullied.

Closer to home, Calgary father and softball coach Rocky Huff was sentenced to 90 days in prison yesterday for robbing a bank while deeply depressed. He couldn’t see a way out, didn’t know where to turn, and ended up committing a serious crime.

“You dig yourself a big hole and go rob a bank in my situation,” Huff said recently. “Some people commit suicide, or murder their family. If people around you don’t understand it and don’t see it, and you don’t get help, you can sink pretty fast, pretty hard.”

If you are suffering from depression or mental illness, you can get connected with help by calling 211 or the Distress Centre’s 24-hour crisis line (403-266-HELP).

Don’t suffer in silence.

— Jeremy Klaszus is a Communications Advisor with United Way of Calgary and Area.