United Way exceeds campaign goal — THANK YOU CALGARY!

Thanks to an incredible flourish of community generosity, United Way has pushed past its 2012 campaign goal, a clear sign Calgarians are committed to long-term social change.

United Way raised a record $55.2 million, exceeding its goal of $54 million thanks to the generosity of corporations, agencies and individual donors who recognize the need for solutions to complex social problems. Russ Girling and Leslie O’Donoghue, United Way’s volunteer 2012 Campaign Co-Chairs, thank Calgarians and describe the campaign achievement as an investment in Calgary’s future.

“Our city’s future depends on our collective ability to address issues such as poverty,” says Girling, President and CEO of TransCanada Corporation. “By giving so generously in 2012, Calgarians have shown that they care and are ready to take on these challenges.”

“This is a moment of pride for Calgarians,” says O’Donoghue, Executive Vice President of Agrium. “When we solve social problems, we create a ripple effect that benefits all Calgarians. We’re all better off with strong communities where everyone can plug in to a grid of opportunities.”

The 2012 campaign launched in September and featured a wide range of creative events, from a human spray-paint mural to a bus pull. The money raised during the campaign will be strategically invested throughout Calgary in United Way’s focus areas of children and youth, poverty, and strong communities. The funds support social programs that make a lasting difference, in addition to United Way’s research, public policy advocacy, and collaborative efforts to tackle systemic problems underlying local social issues.

“Thank you Calgary for investing in your future with such energy and creativity,” says Lucy Miller, United Way’s President and CEO. “United Way has come a long way from being just the umbrella fundraiser of yesteryear. Today’s United Way is intentional about addressing the root causes of social problems and bringing people together around the solutions.”

“We are being strategic so we maximize resources and impact,” adds Miller. “We’re honoured so many Calgarians have joined us in making Calgary a great city for everyone. Our community achieved this campaign milestone and our community will be stronger because of it.”

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