Three challenges for Calgary in 2013

In a year-end interview with the Calgary Herald, Calgary police chief Rick Hanson identified several social challenges facing Calgary as we head into 2013:

1. Help people living on the streets.

“We want to do a better job getting homeless folks that are mentally ill into proper treatment,” Hanson told the Herald.

2. Reach out to youth “at the right time” so they can successfully transition into adulthood.

“…There are way too many kids who grew up as normal kids and then all of a sudden started to deviate and people didn’t step in at the right time,” Hanson said. “All of a sudden they wind up being serious criminals and it could have been prevented.”

Healthy relationships can make all the difference, which is why United Way has a vulnerable youth strategy aimed at building and strengething natural supports for youth. Chief Hanson is also on United Way’s UpStart Council of Champions, which focuses on supporting Calgary children and youth from cradle to career.

3. Urge domestic violence victims to come forward.

In the interview, Hanson emphasized how important it is for family, friends and co-workers to reach out.

“It’s not good enough to say, ‘well, honey, here’s a phone number, go call it.’ Or ‘stuff happens, just go back and work it out.’ Sometimes that friend or co-worker has to take that person and do the first step and make the introduction to someone who can help, whether it’s the police or whether it’s a shelter or one of the other agencies,” Hanson said.

Read the whole Herald article here.

What will you do to address one of these challenges in 2013?

(Photo from Flickr, by Ayrcan.)

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