How Can a Warm Man Understand a Cold Man?

We have all heard “he is poor.” We know that it means he is not wealthy. But poverty is more than that.  Take a look at this TVO film, How Can a Warm Man Understand a Cold Man. It’s the story of a man, Vac Verikaitis, who used to be a television host, a dream job for many. He now suffers from deep depression.

He has shelter. He has food. But he is poor in hope. Look into his eyes and you will see that he doesn’t see any sunlight on his horizon. He says: “I fear the world won’t hold on to me anymore.”

Often when we think of philanthropy, we think of donating or volunteering. But have you also considered that sometimes sharing a simple phrase — something that gives hope — can change somebody’s world?

Nasim Khatibi is a communications advisor, and a volunteer at United Way of Calgary and Area

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