Carlos struggles to crack the job market. Why?

Carlos is an IT professional with an impressive resume that boasts degrees in both IT and business. His work experience includes working with healthcare and oil and gas industry in several countries. So why does Carlos has difficulties finding a job?

Carlos recently arrived from Brazil and although his English (and Portuguese and Spanish) is fluent, he is new in Calgary. And as a newcomer to the city finding a job here can be a tough market to crack.

I met Carlos at “Networking for Success,” a program organized by Calgary Catholic Immigration Society and funded by United Way with the help of a grant by Shell. Over the past three years, this program has connected over 300 newcomers to our city with employers that are looking for talent. I am glad he found out about it. Without initiatives like this people like Carlos often end up working in jobs that are far below their potential and we lose out on desperately needed talent.

Carlos and people like him are so much better off because of this initiative. Calgary Catholic Immigration Society, Shell and United Way have shown how successful we can be. This project is proof that by working together we can find solutions to some of the more difficult problems vulnerable populations in this city face.

—Jaime Enachescu is a program manager in United Way’s community investments & collaborations department.

(Photo from Flickr, by ericzchu.)