Gift cards and passes are arranged on a desk

Giving youth a night out

Vulnerable youth face a myriad of barriers, including meeting their basic needs, mental health issues, facing homelessness, involvement in the justice system and lack of education, to name just a few. But these youth can also face social isolation.

This is exactly what Perpetual Energy aimed to combat with their campaign theme of “Give youth a chance…for a night out.” The company decided to take their collection drive to a new level by collecting items vulnerable youth could use for social outings.

“We [held a collection drive] last year and found it was very successful,” says Claire Rosehill, 2012 Employee Campaign Coordinator for Perpetual Energy. “This year, the success continued with our ‘Night out for Kids.’”

Many youth don’t get the chance to participate with their friends in social activities and feel isolated because of this. Employees collected passes to the movies, the zoo, the science centre, the Calgary Tower, Heritage Park and gift cards to be distributed through United Way’s partner agencies serving disadvantaged children and youth. By satisfying some of the “wants” of youth, they hoped to lift the spirits of many youth who would otherwise feel left out.

“They (employees) LOVE it,” Rosehill says of the collection drive. “It adds a personal connection to the campaign when they see the impact that they can have from a simple item such as a movie pass.”

Thanks to this outstanding collection drive, 95 kids will now have the chance to participate with their peers and friends and have a night out. But it won’t stop there. Rosehill says this will continue to be an annual part of Perpetual Energy’s campaign.

“We will pick a new item next year and hope to make as significant an impact as was made this year.”