Bus pull raises money for United Way

Yesterday, Calgary Transit and City of Calgary employees gathered on a frosty bus tarmac for an unconventional race. From the Calgary Herald:

Talk about a tough day at the office: try pitting your muscles against 17-tonne buses to coax them over the finish line.

In a match between dozens of Calgary Transit workers and the city’s human resource staffers, the first-ever bus pull event raised big bucks for the civic employees’ United Way campaign.

“The whole idea was to come out and have some fun,” Calgary Transit spokesman  Ron Collins said at Thursday’s noon-hour event at the northeast Spring Gardens Garage.

“Every little bit helps and this is just one event. It’s great to support the United Way.”

Hauling a 17-tonne bus isn’t easy, as you can see in the video below.

Calgary Transit bus pull for United Way from Calgary United Way on Vimeo.